Organic Milk Facts

Think of organic as a guaranteed standard

Organic Farms

The home of no-nonsense milk

Milk bottle

Healthy Cows

Healthy cows mean healthy milk for you

Forget Fad Diets

Our cows only eat organic food, never GM

The Birds and the Bees

Our milk helps British wildlife to flourish

From The Ground Up

The best milk starts with the best soil

Cows Love Routine

You could set your watch by our milking schedule

Bat, butterfly and bee

Chilled Out

Our milk is kept in controlled conditions for maximum food safety

No Nasties

Everything you’d expect and nothing you wouldn’t means all our milk is naturally pure

Passing The Test

Only the highest-quality milk leaves the farm

Made To Measure

Skimmed, semi-skimmed or full fat, we make the lot

Milk tester

A Glass Act

Does organic taste different?

Aisles Of Goodness

Organic milk is available at most major supermarkets

Whiter Than White Stuff

The purest milk, guaranteed

About us

OMSCo was formed in 1994, by a group of five like-minded organic dairy farmers who joined forces to market their organic milk. OMSCo is the largest and longest-established organic milk supplier in the UK, with a milk pool of around two thirds of the UK’s output. OMSCo is 100 per cent organic and with farms stretching from Cornwall in the south of England to Inverness in the north of Scotland, and from east to west as well. It is the only organic milk and ingredients supplier with a national presence. As well as raw organic milk, OMSCo is able to supply a range of organic bulk dairy ingredients – cream, skimmed milk powder, liquid skimmed concentrate and butter. In addition, OMSCo produce raw milk and dairy ingredients which comply with the USDA organic specification.


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For all media enquiries please contact  Craig Leviton of Heathcroft Communications on 020 3326 9290

Grazing and Ecosystem

No GM – Our cows only eat organic, natural food

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Smarter farming means working with our natural assets

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You might not expect it, but good milk starts with good soil.

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We have never and will never use artificial pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or herbicides

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